Deploy your Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud

As I am writing this blog (June/2021), Kubernetes is 7 years ago, and its adoption is undisputable.

Five years ago, I created an automation procedure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster into IBM Cloud (at that time, it was called Softlayer). Since then, a lot has happened:

  • Every cloud provider has multiple ways to deploy a Kubernetes environment. I will not even attempt to name them, as the list will be outdated tomorrow.
  • Red Hat OpenShift provides a great Kubernetes environment (and much more).

So the question is, “why would someone deploy his/her Kubernetes cluster when it’s super much convenient to use the managed service one?”

Well, one answer is flexibility. For example, the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services ( “hides” the master nodes and exposes only the worker ones to the user.

So I decided to revive my old github project at to adapt to the latest capabilities in IBM Cloud, such as VPC.


So to deploy your Kubernetes cluster to IBM Cloud, follow the instructions described at and enjoy your Kubernetes cluster!



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