How to back up an IBM Cloud Private environment

  • So you use traditional VM backups (such as VMware snapshots) to back up the ICP VMs?
  • How do I back up specific ICP components?

Why should you back up your ICP environment?

  • In the case of a complete failure of the IT infrastructure supporting ICP, you may be required to recover ICP data (logging and monitoring information, for example).
  • There are certain ICP components that can’t be created on demand, especially the master nodes: ICP doesn’t provide a way to create a new master node.
  • You need to recover an ICP environment after a catastrophic failure in one component.

How not to back up ICP

Master Node

  • After you deploy an ICP environment, take a VM backup for every master node, using whatever technology you have available (VMware snapshots, Spectrum Protect, etc). You can continue taking regular VM backups, but the initial suffices.
  • Take constant snapshots of the ICP components, as described here. Notice you should take snapshot in only one of the master nodes.
  • In the case of a disaster, recover the VMs using a snapshot.
  • If a single master node is lost in a multi-master environment, then you can simply restore the VM from a snapshot, and the etcd master, running in another master node will update the restore node
  • If all the master nodes were lost, you need to use the etcd snapshot and follow the procedure describe here to restore the etcd to the latest backup.


Management Nodes


Worker Nodes


Proxy Nodes






CTO, GSI Partnership, Distinguished Engineer at IBM

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Eduardo Patrocinio

Eduardo Patrocinio

CTO, GSI Partnership, Distinguished Engineer at IBM

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